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What We Do

Solution for Health International we provide effective, sustainable and long term health solutions that empower human…

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How We Work

Regardless of where we work, our approach is the same: we help vulnerable communities to access health services and…

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Where we work

Solution for Health International is headquartered in Marsabit County with a mission of promoting community health and…

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Solution for Health International is a Kenyan based local NGO with operations in Marsabit County and headquartered at Songa location. The organization was founded 2016 with Reg. No. OP.218/051/15-233/10253 with the mission to improve access to health services for the poor.

Improved access to health services for the poor.

To promote community health and wholeness by supporting and advancing good health, wellness education and disease prevention

The following value statements guide our work and relationships.

  1. Accountability- adheres to high standards of integrity, honesty, transparency, and stewardship in all we do.
  2. Partnership- work transparently and respectfully with a wide range of stakeholders, donors and partners to achieve shared goals.
  3. Openness- seeks and engages new and diverse voices, perspectives, and ways of working.
  4. Financial sustainability- we believe that our work must never be challenged by lack of resources and therefore commits to sustainable financial and fundraising strategies.


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