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Solution for Health International is a young  fully fledged youth led Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that envision improved access to health services for the poor. The Organization was founded in the year 2016 and is headquartered in Songa Location, one of the rural central parts of Marsabit County.

The organization has a belief that access to quality health services is important and we work around the clock to develop solutions enabling the people especially the poor in hard to reach areas have potential to access quality health.

We endeavor to work with other partners who we share the same vision and build on solutions that will assure every Kenya’s healthy  life giving them potential and ample time to concentrate in other aspects of life such as; farming, to attend school, their daily chores, and placing them in a higher ladder with ability to make healthy choices for themselves and  their communities.

Improved access to health services for the poor.

To promote community health and wholeness by supporting and advancing good health, wellness education and disease prevention

The following value statements guide our work and relationships.

  1. Accountability- adheres to high standards of integrity, honesty, transparency, and stewardship in all we do.
  2. Partnership- work transparently and respectfully with a wide range of stakeholders, donors and partners to achieve shared goals.
  3. Openness- seeks and engages new and diverse voices, perspectives, and ways of working.
  4. Financial sustainability- we believe that our work must never be challenged by lack of resources and therefore commits to sustainable financial and fundraising strategies.


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